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Welcome to the in-progress wiki for the Diocese of Syracuse!

See the Policy and Procedure Manual for a set of policy guidlines for employees, offices, and parishes.

See Meeting Notes for Parish Administrators and Business Managers meeting notes.



Due to numerous fraudulent funds transfers throughout the United States, including many parishes and dioceses, we are alerting all pastors, parishes, administrators, bookkeepers, and business managers to take immediate precautions. Please share this information; it is important that everyone involved with parish administration be alerted.

Parishes are strongly encouraged to contact their bank to discuss implementation of electronic payment authorization services available for your bank accounts to prevent unauthorized electronic withdrawals. The range of monthly fees for the fraud protection services ranges from approximately $25 to $50 per month per bank account.

Additionally, if you currently have online access to the parish bank account information it is extremely important to monitor your bank balances daily to search for unauthorized or unusual transactions. Banking law requires owners of corporate banking accounts (all parish and diocese accounts) to notify their bank of such ACH (electronic funds transfer) fraud within two days. Otherwise the bank in not liable for the loss.

Please call or email if you have any questions/concerns.

Best Wishes,
Nick Crosby
Internal Auditor
Finance Department
Diocese of Syracuse

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